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Rich Tradition


Established in 1982, D'Amelio's Italian Eatery, a popular landmark nestled in the Italian neighborhood of Town Plot, Waterbury, CT, offers an exceptional menu, specializing in authentic Italian cuisine.

Founded by brothers Giuseppe and Gianni D'Amelio in the neighborhood in which they grew up, D'Amelio's was an Italian grocery store before growing into a deli, and then, 16 years later, it finally evolved into the restaurant it is today.

Check out the menu, and you will be ready to order before you've even made reservations. In addition to our menu, D'Amelio's also offers daily specials and is happy to accommodate any special requests.

D'Amelio's can seat you and your party at our street-level dining room with oversized booths, up in our loft where there are six cozy tables, down in our new lower-level dining room, or seasonally on our quaint outdoor patio.

Come discover a restaurant known for its exquisite taste of Italy, comfortable ambiance, and family warmth.